We believe every pool owner should only run one decentralized stake pool.

Therefore we teamed up with other pools who share our beliefs:

Our Mission is to give Back

You as a Cardano early adopter, will financially benefit from staking. We are convinced, doing good is what you must do when you are on the bright side of life. But we don't ask you to donate yourself, because at least at the moment Cardano is driven by people who are seeking a profit.

We don't ask you to share some of your rewards. However we ask you to consider staking with us to contribute to our charity goals.

Low staking fees

  • 340 ADA fixed fee per epoch
  • 1 % Pool margin

From the profit we generate each epoch, we donate at least 10% to Action Against Hunger.

Action Against Hunger

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How to stake @ FoodPool

To stake your ADA at our FoodPool just open your wallet and search for FOOD in the staking section. Your ADA will always remain in your wallet while staking where you always have full control!

Our Setup

We want to focus our stake pool to be reliable, secure, environmentally friendly and decentralized.


Pool id:


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